What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Great service!.. professional and most importantly on time, with no “half-day arrival time frame”!... the tech did a great job.. marketing was amazing!.. both were friendly and professional!.. would definitely recommend!

My husband and I are pleased at the amount of help Andy was when our ceiling caved in due to the storm.  Andy impressed us with the professionalism, and timely help.

My home was hit by the January Storm.  I am so thankful that SERVPRO was able to help dry out my attic.  It is has been 2 years since the storm and We have finally gotten all our home back together.  

My items were packed out of my home so that my home could be rebuilt.  SERVPRO brought all of my items back to my home and placed them in the rooms that they go in.  They even set up my furniture in the bedrooms.  I am thankful for their professionalism.  

SERVPRO did a fantastic job packing out my home so that my house could be rebuilt.  Anytime I needed anything, SERVPRO allowed me to get from my storage.  

SERVPRO sent in a team to help pack out my home after the storm came through.  I was nervous of the condition of my contents due to my roof not being present in some of the rooms.  SERVPRO brought all of my things back to my home and they were clean and looked better than they did in my home prior to the storm.  

When the straight line winds came through Albany, it was a scary sight and sound to hear your roof being ripped off your house.  I called SERVPRO and they had someone on site to tarp my home within the hour.  Thank you SERVPRO for caring about my home as much as I do.