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Fireworks Safety

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

With July 4th just around the corner, it’s important to know how to safely handle and operate fireworks. Every year, there are numerous children sent to the emergency room with firework-related injuries and most, it not all, of those injuries are preventable.

Follow these safety tips to prevent injuries from fireworks:

  • Young children should never be allowed to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Always closely supervise children when fireworks are being used. Young children can be injured even by sparkles when not properly supervised. Sparklers caused more than 40% of ALL injuries due to fireworks.
  • Always place fireworks on the ground and light the fuse at an arms length and immediately get to a safe distance to observe.
  • Point fireworks away from homes, and keep away from brush, leaves and flammable substances.
  • Light fireworks one at a time.
  • Never try to pick and move an already lit firework.
  • Never try to re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks.
  • Never point or throw a firework at a person’s body or feet.
  • Always have water or a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Never carry fireworks inside a pocket.
  • Never shoot fireworks into glass or metal containers.
  • After the fireworks have completed burning, douse any fireworks material on the ground with plenty of water before discarding it.

The best way to protect your family is to not use any fireworks at home. Instead, attend public fireworks displays and leave the lighting to the professionals!

State of Georgia Law states: How long can you shoot fireworks?

New Years until 1 am

July 4th until Midnight

Any other day until 9 pm  

Should I have my ducts cleaned?

6/22/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Should I have my ducts cleaned? Excessive dust vs cleaned system

Knowledge about the potential benefits and possible problems of air duct cleaning is limited. Since conditions in every home are different, it is impossible to generalize about whether or not air duct cleaning in your home would be beneficial.

You should inspect your ducts if your furniture is excessively dusty or if you notice your registers (vents) are dust filled.  After a visual inspection of the inside of the ducts, you see no indication that your air ducts are contaminated with large deposits of dust or mold (no musty odor or visible mold growth), having your air ducts cleaned is probably unnecessary. On the other hand, if someone in your household suffers from allergies, unexplained symptoms or illnesses you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned.  It is normal for the return registers to get dusty as dust-laden air is pulled through the grate. This does not indicate that your air ducts are contaminated with heavy deposits of dust or debris; the registers can be easily vacuumed or removed and cleaned.

Contact SERVPRO at 229-439-2048 to have your ducts cleaned today!!

What to do if water is in your home.

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage What to do if water is in your home.  IICRC and SERVPRO

One of the worst nightmares for any homeowner is finding water in the basement or anywhere in the home, and in most cases, the only way to deal with such a situation is to bring in a professional. Excess water, especially when it is contaminated, has the potential to cause a great deal of damage, and if the problem is not dealt with properly, the situation can quickly get out of hand. This is especially true when water is pooling in the home and coming in contact with organic materials like drywall or fabric.

Water in the basement can be caused by a lot of factors. The room may sit under the water table, which will slowly push water into the home. A disaster like a flood can quickly fill the room with fluid, as well as a burst pipe or other plumbing mishap. No matter what causes the water to build up in the home, it will take a certified team to remove it and restore the basement effectively.

There are a couple steps, though, that a homeowner can take to minimize damage and make the home safe to navigate through. If a pipe burst or is leaking, then cutting off the supply line into the home can halt the problem. Also, switching off the home’s power may be necessary, as an electrical discharge can make walking through water exceedingly dangerous and cause a fire.

Safety is the primary concern when contending with excess moisture, and a certified crew will be able to get the home restored in while avoiding any dangerous situations.

Grilling Safety Tips

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

General Grilling Safety Tips Stay Safe this Summer. Stock photo.

Grill Safety to consider when breaking out your inner backyard culinary skills.

June and July are peak months for summer grilling fires.  The Memorial Day weekend opened up grilling season so if you haven't already, it’s time to dust off the grills and let the inner backyard culinary skills to work.  As exciting as it is to break out the grill for the official start of the summer season right, we have to always consider the safety that needs to be taken when preparing to light up the grill.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) says that the U.S. fire department responded to an average of 8,900 home fire that involved the use of grills, hibachis, or barbecues per year.  These 8,900 fires caused annual averages of 10 civilian deaths, 160 injuries, and $118 million in direct property damage. Almost all the losses resulted from structure fires. The leading causes of grill fires were a failure to properly cleaning of the grill, placement of the grill because it was placed to close to a structure, and leaving the grill unattended. Five out of six (83%) of grills involved in home fires were fueled by gas while 13% used other sources of fuel.

Precautions to take while grilling


  • Stay alert when grilling. Avoid grilling when you are tired or have consumed too much alcohol.
  • Do Not leave your grill unattended.
  • Keep the grill in a place that is free from flammable items and away from porch rails, and low lying branches.
  • Keep children and pets as far away from the grill as possible
  • Check the gas tank hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year.

NOTE: A light soap and water solution applied to the hose is a great way to check for leaks. You can often smell a propane leak, but propane will also release bubbles when the soap and water solution is applied. If you detect a leak, turn the gas tank and grill off. If the leak stops, get the grill serviced by a professional before using it again. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department.

  • Always make sure your gas grill lid is open before igniting.
  • If you smell gas while cooking, immediately move away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not move the grill.
  • If the flames go out for any reason, turn the grill and gas off and wait at least 15 minutes before re-lighting it.
  • Keep your grill clean by regularly removing grease or fat buildup from the grates and trays below.

Charcoal grill safety tips to consider:

  • If you use a starter fluid, use only charcoal starter fluid. Never add charcoal fluid or any other flammable liquid to the flames.
  • Keep charcoal fluid out of the reach of children and away from heat sources.
  • Electric charcoal starters do not use fire. Be sure to use an extension cord for outdoor use.
  • When you are finished grilling, let the coals completely cool before disposing in a metal container with a lid.

Dealing with Arson Fire Damage

8/19/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dealing with Arson Fire Damage Our technicians are equipped to clean and restore just about anything in the average home following a fire.

Having to Deal with Arson and Fire Damage 

Arson is a serious criminal offense which can result in decades behind bars for those responsible. For the victims of arson, the tragedy is often worse than simply the loss of their home, as arson cases are handled with extreme caution by insurers and may lead to financial ruin as well. For many residents pushed out of their home by arson, getting back in safe and sound is their top priority, which is why we prioritize fast restorations and speedy responses. Here are a few tips for dealing with fire damage as a result of arson should it happen to you.

Don't Try to Clean Up Yourself

Trying to clean and restore your home following fire damage in Turner City can be dangerous, and while you may make things a little better, it often takes professional care and tools to get the job done right. Our technicians are equipped to clean and restore just about anything in the average home following a fire and do their jobs thoroughly. Additionally, you should refrain from personal effort for insurance purposes, as many insurance providers will take issue with any actions you undertake without their approval.

Be Patient with Insurers

Insurance providers are often slow to pay following an arson, although this is because they must be sure that it was not you who started the fire in the first place. They operate on a principle of innocence until proven guilty, and so if you had nothing to do with the fire, don't worry, the provider will eventually pay for the damages. Be sure to work closely with them, and follow any instructions they give.

Talk to the Police

Our SERVPRO Professionals suggest to work closely with police investigators, as finding the arsonist will be crucial in convincing insurance companies of the fire damage and ensuring justice is served. Above all, you should work with them to ensure your personal safety, as the perpetrator may still have a grudge against you. Additionally, it is a good idea to attend all court dates so as to secure a conviction; otherwise, the arsonist may come back to hurt you again.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Albany helps homeowners to get through tough times by providing reliable, fast fire restoration services, and can help to repair damages from fires of all shapes and sizes. Call us 24/7 at (229) 439-2048 for services or a quote.

How Basement Water Damage is Cleaned Up

7/28/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Basement Water Damage is Cleaned Up Whether from a storm, a pipe burst, or a particularly nasty leak, basement flooding is a relatively common affliction to Albany homes.

Cleaning Up Your Water Damaged Basement

Whether from a storm, a pipe burst, or a particularly nasty leak, basement flooding is a relatively common affliction to homes across the nation. Water naturally seeks to flow to the lowest ground and pool there, and this is often, unfortunately, the nearest home's basement. Basement flooding can range in intensity and damage, from just fractions of an inch of water to full submersion of the area. Regardless, restoring a basement after a flood is a challenging task, and requires professional training and equipment.

Pumping and Extraction
The first step in cleaning up and basement water damage in Albany is to pump out any remaining water. Depending on how much water is in the basement, extractors can be either portable or mounted on a truck. Simply put, we use these machines to pump water out of a structure to its exterior in massive volumes.

Air Movers and Dehumidifiers
When removing the remaining traces of moisture from a basement, the first step involves heavy air movers, moving large volumes of air rapidly across surfaces to reduce their drying time. Then, we bring in dehumidifiers, which remove moisture from the air which is picked up by air movers. In this way, the two machines work together to dry out a room quickly and remove any extra moisture within.

Waters, especially floodwaters from a storm, can leave terrible smells in a room even after it has dried. Thus, deodorizers in the form of ultra-low volume and thermal foggers are brought out, to mask even the heaviest of smells and make the room livable again.

Sanitization and Cleaning
Once odors and all water have been removed from the basement, professional SERVPRO cleaners move in to sanitize, scrub, and repair each surface in the basement. It is important to let our professionals do this task, as there may still be harmful substances in the environment such as chemical stains and mold growth.

SERVPRO of Albany is a professional, locally-owned and operated cleanup and restoration company which is trained and equipped to deal with the toughest water damage cases in the area. Contact us for 24/7 emergency service at (229) 439-2048.

Mold Damage to Your Property

6/27/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage to Your Property Found almost anywhere, mold can grow on just about any substance that is organic and create mold damage as long as there is oxygen and moisture.

Mold Damage

Found almost anywhere, mold can grow on just about any substance that is organic and create mold damage as long as oxygen and moisture are also present. Mold can grow on carpet, wood, paper, insulation and foods. With excessive moisture that accumulates in buildings or on materials for building, you’ll often see mold growth as well. It can, however, be controlled inside by taking control of the moisture that is inside.

Because mold needs water to grow and spread, you need to prevent problems of moisture in your structure. Many causes for mold exist, including humidity that is uncontrolled. Some of the moisture problems in structures have been linked to construction practices in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Some changes have caused buildings to be tightly sealed and lacking adequate ventilation, which could lead to the buildup of moisture. Drywall and other building materials might not let moisture escape very easily, either. Moisture problems can include leaking roofs, unvented combustion appliances or gutters which direct water under or into the structure.

Preventing Mold Damage 
-Look for wet spots and condensation. Fix any moisture source problems as soon as possible.
-Leaky plumbing needs to be fixed right away.
-Increase surface temperature or lower moisture level in the air to prevent moisture from condensation.
-Keep ventilation, heating, and air conditioning drop pans flowing properly, clean and unobstructed.
-Appliances that generate moisture, like dryers, need to be properly vented to the outside when possible.
-Keep indoor humidity low, below sixty percent relative humidity, and ideally thirty to fifty percent if possible.
-Have regular HVAC and building inspections and maintenance scheduled.
-If you find damp or wet spots, clean and dry them within forty-eight hours.
-Do not let your foundation stay wet. Give proper drainage and slope the ground away from the foundation.

Hidden Mold
Sometimes, mold growth inside a structure might not be visible. It can be growing on surfaces which are hidden, such as the other side of wallpaper, drywall or paneling, on top of ceiling tiles, or underneath pads and carpeting. This is why it is important to call in our professionals at SERVPRO who have the right equipment to be able to find this hidden mold and fix the problem. Some building materials like wood paneling or drywall that has vinyl wallpaper over it can act as vapor barriers, trapping moisture under their surfaces and therefore making an environment that is moist where mold can grow. You might know there is hidden mold if the building has a mold smell. However, you can’t see the source. This is where we can help you. We will find the hidden mold and draw up a plan of remediation that will best suit your needs.

Leesburg mold damage is not always obvious, but it can be a dangerous situation. That is why you need to contact us at SERVPRO of Albany by calling any time at (229) 439-2048. We can find the hidden mold, the moisture source, and fix the issue plus clean up the existing mold.

Camilla Water Damage - Call the Pros to Alleviate Stress

5/16/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Camilla Water Damage - Call the Pros to Alleviate Stress Water Damaged Ceilings in Camilla Get Restored by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Comfortably Restores Your Camilla Water Damaged Property

When Camilla water damage occurs, residents call for disaster clean up; it helps to know that you have called the right water repair and remediation company that gets the job done right each and every time. In addition to taking care of water and mold damage, they will communicate with the insurance company, and they can even help with processing the necessary forms. SERVPRO is very adept at this process and works closely with your agent and adjuster.  When homes are faced with water damages, water is not the only threat; there is also mold growth (mold starts to grown within 48 to 72 hours) to consider.
Professional water restoration experts will act swiftly to address water damage events so that homeowners do not suffer any more than they already have. Also, these professionals are available to help restore your property by discarding damaged building materials and by using antibacterial and anti-fungal solutions to stop mold and odor problems. Water invading a home can occur from Georgia storms, sewage back-up, faulty appliances and other occurrences.
As trained, skilled, and experienced experts, water remediation technicians from SERVPRO can better help their customers because they understand how water is categorized allowing for correct water extraction protocols. The skilled technicians use advanced equipment, tools, techniques, and solutions to restore your home in Camilla back to a pre-loss condition:
Clean Water - this type of water is from a broken water supply line or faucet. Potable water.

Gray Water - this type of water has a slight contamination quality that comes from toilet overflow, washing machine overflow or a dishwasher overflow.

Black Water - this kind of water is dangerously contaminated because it comes from floods, toilet bowl with fecal or urine material, sewage backflow and any form of dirty standing water. This water can contain pathogens, viruses, mold spores, and more.
Our water damage restoration experts are also certified (“IICRC”) professionals who know how to help a business and residential homeowners when Georgia experiences one its strong storms like a tornado or hurricane resulting in flooding. We can dispatch a water damage storm response team to start the water extraction process.
Every water damage emergency situation is different and is handled uniquely by water damage restoration technicians, but with the same general process steps, which involves the following:
Step 1: Emergency Contact
Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment
Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction
Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification
Step 5: Cleaning and Repair
Step 6: Restoration
Along with their exceptional water cleanup, technicians offer assistance with insurance claims, HVAC cleaning, wind, storm and mold damage restoration, and other cleanup and restoration services. Their expertise and years of experience are homeowners and business owners' one-stop shop for all disaster recovery needs so that people can get back on their feet.
Our company, SERVPRO of Albany is the cleaning and restoration brand you know and trust. We are proud to be a part of the neighborhood because we live and work together with our customers. We proudly and professionally serve residential and commercial properties in Cuthbert, Vienna, and Sylvester. Call us at (229) 439-2048 to learn more about how we can help you restore your home due to fire damage, water damage, or mold damage. For your 24/7 Emergency Service needs, contact us and let us help alleviate your stress and restore you to a more peaceful state of mind!

Fire Damage Sylvester - Sylvester Residential Fire Damage

4/8/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Sylvester - Sylvester Residential Fire Damage Don't let fire damage you! SERVPRO of Albany will make it "Like it never even happened."

Residential Fire Damage in Sylvester

Fire damage in Sylvester is very devastating for residents. This is why there is a need for fire damage services in Sylvester so that the damages can be minimized and to preserve your way of life. In many cases, one would need to evacuate the home and move to another place until the rebuilding of the house. However, there are certain times when the house just needs a minimal amount of restoration work done because of the Sylvester fire. The fire is successfully put out, but some damages can occur with even a small amount of fire. 

Sylvester fire damage does not come by itself. Smoke and soot damage often accompany it. The soot often attracts itself to items and causes discoloration and other forms of damage. Instead of trying to do it yourself, it is important to call professionals for fire damage services. Before calling a company, you have to make sure that they are trustworthy and have the proper licenses to handle a fire. Otherwise, you may find yourself handling more damages that can cost you even more down the line because of amateur services. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Fortunately, there are Sylvester fire damage companies like SERVPRO of Albany that is available to help you. They have the licenses and the equipment to help you successfully take care of the damages caused by a fire. They are very meticulous in addressing all of the fire damages. They do whatever it takes to make your home inhabitable. All frustrations that result from a fire are limited if not eliminated. These professionals are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They understand that emergencies can happen at the most inopportune moments, and they assist people at any time throughout the day or the night so that they can still keep their home after a fire. Give them a call at (229) 439-2048. 

Albany Mold Damage - The Mold Damage In Albany Homes Will Cause Problems For You And Your Family

3/24/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Albany Mold Damage - The Mold Damage In Albany Homes Will Cause Problems For You And Your Family Molds are found in virtually every environment and can be detected, both indoors and outdoors, year round.

Albany Mold Damage Problem In Your Family's Home

Mold is very insidious. It can come in and grow inside things, such as walls, ceilings, crawlspaces and just about anything else. Homes with mold damage in Albany are unhealthy for anyone who enters them. There is only one thing that can be done when this occurs and it involves bringing professionals in that do this every day. 

Mold spores that you do not want in your home exist in nature all around. They are floating in the air inside and out. All they need is a couple of things to live, grow and take over your home if you allow it. All of this can happen within 48 hours, so attention to this detail must get started as quickly as you detect the presence of an earthy, rather musty smell, often coming from a crawl space, closet or under a sink. 

When you call an Albany mold remediation company, they get there on the run. A couple of things have to happen quickly, and they have the experience to know that this is critical. An inspection is the first thing that needs to occur. 

This inspection encompasses every space, room, and closet in your house. They are looking and smelling for the growth that is dangerous for your family. The specialized equipment they have can detect any amount of moisture, which is one of the main things mold needs for living. Mold in Albany is often found behind walls and under floors. 

The next step is the containment of the areas that must be cleaned up. Since molds are transported, to a significant degree in the air, this contaminated air must be prevented from moving into other areas, contaminating surfaces that may not have been before. 

After containing these regions, the filtering of the air, through large air purifiers and fans begins. This evacuates this air, often made bad by the spores floating around and initiate the process of clean up. The mold is then removed from the surfaces, using specially formulated cleaners and sanitizing agents. 

In many cases, since the molds can infiltrate building materials and furniture, these items may have to be removed, whether torn out or simply bagged and moved out of the house. Some of these things may be clothing which can be cleaned and then returned. Other items can be removed, bagged and disposed of at designated disposal sites throughout the area by certified, licensed personnel from the mold removal company. 

Then a full top to bottom cleaning process begins. This cleans every surface in the house, including the kitchen, bathrooms, living spaces and especially the carpets. A lot of the carpets may have to have detailed cleaning performed, including sanitizing agents to kill and remove any molds that can be cleaned out. Some carpets need to be pulled up and cleaned from the bottom in advanced cases. Some carpets, of course, need to be removed and disposed of because of the damage that cannot be remedied. 

Anything that has been torn out to find and remove mold and the damage it causes is then repaired to return the home to its previous state. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you believe you have mold problems in Albany, Leesburg, or Camilla, call SERVPRO of Albany at (229) 439-2048 for an initial conversation followed by the professional service they provide.